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Bike Pass, Bus Fail

I got the mountain bike out this morning & had a fun ride down to Montlake in the snow. Especially satisfying to zoom by all the cars stuck in traffic on Montlake Boulevard. There were a surprising number of cyclists out & about.


City of Seattle Bikeway Plan from 1972


H/T to Eric for this one. This is a really cool document of the early 1970's bike plan for the City of Seattle. It shows how far we have come, and makes for some fun reading. Open the posting for a few more images & a .pdf of the whole document.


Cleaning your Drivetrain

Drivetrain in bike-mechanic-speak means the chain & gears (plus a few other things).

I am working from home today so I took advantage of the situation to do a minor cleanup on my bike. I'm amazed how much grime gets stuck to it this time of year. The rains haven't had a chance to completely wipe the roads clear, and all the muched up leaves help create an extra layer of grime.

Recyle your cycle

Saw this in the PI today. Unfortunately they didn't get Bike Work's url correct, but if you have a really crusty old bike that JRA wont even take on a trade in, take it to one of the Seattle Transfer stations and CleanScrapes will take it over to Bike Works where kids get to learn how to fix bikes (and become future bike mechanics =) ). If the kids put in enough hours they earn their own refurbished bike.

Back to Standard Time

It sure has been nice these past few days to be riding to work at dawn again. I've had medical appointments the past few afternoons (Dentist today & Orthopedic Surgeon for my MTB-cracked Scapula yesterday), so I haven't tested the twilight on the way home yet.


As you probably know, this past Sunday morning we went back to standard time after seven months of Daylight Saving Time. The good news here is that the sun will be up an hour earlier for your morning commute. Of course, the downside comes in the evening when the sun will set an hour earlier. At any rate, most of us here in Seattle will be commuting at least one way in the dark and many of us will be in the dark both ways for the next few months.

Panaracer RiBMo review (Panaracer's puncture resistant tire)

I've had these tires for a good 6 months now, and I have to say I'm impressed. I've probably put 2000 mi on them and have yet to have a flat.

The RiBMo is Panaracer's puncture resistant commuter tire. Panaracer can probably describe it better than I can, but I'll give it a go. 

Fender Time!

Well folks, looks like the rainy season is here.  That's no reason to not ride your bike, however.  I'm going to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to get some fenders and keep riding all winter.

Children's Hospital Livable Streets workshop on November 13th

Seattle Children's recently got the go ahead  to expand their campus in NE Seattle. One of the conditions was that they help the city improve transportation in NE Seattle. Children's actually has a big contingent of bike commuters (they're right off the Burke Gilman) and they are committed to using some of the $4 million they have pledged the city to improve bike & pedestrian access in the area.

Lets hope Seattle doesn't come to this

 I just caught this old posting from the New York Times' Spokes blog:

City Room: You Can Park Your Bike, but at What Price?

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