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My Cotic Roadrat arrived!

It's beautiful! I can't wait to build it up. Bright Bright Orange so everyone will stay out of my way!

Some pictures:



What a cool badge on the front!


Dexter Avenue N constructions starts on March 7th

I'm a bit behind the times with this one, but if you haven't heard major improvements are coming to Dexter along the lower slope of Queen Anne. It's an important commuter route from North Seattle to downtown so the short term pain (okay the whole summer...) will be well worth it.

SDOT puts it pretty succinctly:

Construction to Kick Off on March 7, 2011

Lake Forest Park Burke Gilman Trail work

King county is scheduled to do some major improvements this spring/summer on the trail through Lake Forest Park. As I've alluded to before the trail will be closed from Logboom Park to 145th.

The work was supposed to start in March and King County have promised to work with stakeholders to set up a viable detour. As it is now March and there have been no signs of action, I emailed the Project Manager.

Burke Gilman delays in Kenmore

King County will be repaving a particularly bumpy 300' section of the trail in Kenmore—just west of 91st Avenue Northeast in Kenmore—at the end of February. Flaggers will be stopping traffic, possibly for up to 10 minutes, & directing cyclists to walk through the workzone.  Scheduled from Monday February 28th through Wednesday March 3rd.

Stinky Spoke this weekend

A big contingent from the shop are going over to Redmond (Woodinville?) this weekend to ride the Stinky Spoke. Its a 18.5 mi (16 if you want the easy course), jaunt over the hills of Redmond. Start & finish at the Redhook brewery. You get a cool fleece beanie, a beer glass, beer to put in said glass, some other crap, and the opportunity to pick up a good poker hand for more prizes as you ride along.

I-90 - Highpoint to Preston trail open

WSDOT can say it better than I can.  The trail connects the Issaquah - Highpoint trail with the Preston - Snoqualmie trail. There has actually always been a trail on part of it--it used to be the way to get up to the Highlands back when that was forest & MTB trails--but I guess they've improved it. And they have now connected the two trails nicely.

Gravel only though, so you randonneurs will still have to take the I-90 shoulder.

Buick & Robby

If you have as immature a sense of humor as I do, and have about as little to do this week at work as I do, then you may enjoy Buick & Robby. 

Downtown via Dexter & back via the Cheshiahud Trail

I had to go downtown for a meeting today & decided to take the bike rather than the bus or the car. Odd as it sounds, I've never ridden the bike to downtown Seattle. I had a couple of routes planned, but checked Google's cycle directions to see what they had to say. They confirmed one of my choices—BG Trail to Fremont, across the Fremont bridge & then along Westlake.

Wore out my Wheel

I'm beginning to wish my bike had disc brakes, and not just for the stopping power.

Last week I put new pads on my canti brakes & just couldn't get them adjusted right. After some expert advice from the real mechanics at the shop (Ben)—remember I'm just the web guy—we determined that my rear wheel was so worn out that it was beginning to bulge outwards. Yikes! Time to build a new wheel, but it was Sunday evening & I just wasn't going to get that done.

From the NY Times: Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash

Interesting to read this article & see the similarities between NYC & Seattle. NYC doesn`t talk about road diets, but they do have a similar goal: traffic calming. I think one difference is that most of the hoopla in Seattle has been about drivers losing lanes on supposedly crowded artierals, whereas people in New York seem more concerned about parking & delivery access being taken away. 

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