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Seattle Ranks #2 in bicycle commuting nationwide

Well, that's according to this little spreadsheet from the League of American Bicyclists
Up 93% in the decade 2000-2010, and 22% from 2009 to 2010.
Of course that's the share of all commuters that are riding bikes in Seattle not the total number, so somewhere like NYC beats us in total numbers. 

Burke Gilman Detour finally posted. Closure begins on June 15

Have a  look at the project page for more information, or download the detour turn-by-turn directions (.pdf), here.

Bike to Work Month Report

Day 7: Drizzle in the morning, and pouring in the afternoon. There was more than usual traffic on the BG in the morning. Wonder how everyone got home? I was all alone cycling through the cyclone. The south wind was nice once I had it at my back, and I pretty much always enjoy the rain.

So wet when I got home that my shoes had to go on the central heating boiler. They were still a little damp the next morning.

Tiger is only partially open

 Today’s the day folks, Tiger Mountain opens for Mt Bikes. However, I was reading Evergreen Mt Bike Alliance’s web page (or as us old folks still call it, the BBTC), and I see that Preston doesn’t open till May 5th because it’s still too wet.

Preston is the main reason a lot of people go to Tiger, so I hope there isn’t too much disappointment.

Burke-Gilman Trail Summer 2011 Detour

 I'm a little late in posting this as the Lake Forest Park comment period ends today, but if you're interested in the plan for the detour have a look at this .pdf file.

The full Lake Forest Park planning page here.


May is Bike to Work Month

Lots going on to get everyone on their bikes this month.

Points Loop Trail (520 mixed use trail) closing

Apologies for the Eastside-centric blogs I have going at the moment, but my commute takes me over there daily...

Coming up the Points Loop trail today—that's the fun bumpy singletrack that goes from the Hunts Point 520 onramp up to the Evergreen Point bus stop—I ran into a couple of surveyors on the trail. I had a brief conversation with them, and it turns out the trail is going to close on May 6th.

Tiger Opens on April 30th

That's one week from today. Hope the weather will be as nice next weekend as it promises to be this weekend.. 

Earth Day 2011: Friday April 22nd (+ bribes from Redmond)

Yup folks, time for another Earth Day. Now it seems to me that Earth Day is 10% people actually doing environmental good, and 90% people writing telling you to do something environmental.

I fall into the latter category. 

If you haven't commuted by bike this spring, why don't you make that your Earth Day goal? According to the National Weather Service the weather is going to be this: 

Tiger Opening Delayed

 Well this sucks.

"Weather conditions have delayed the opening of these trails. First possible opening date is April 22. Please check back."

Tiger Mountain Mountain Bike trails traditionally open on April 15th. Looks like we'll need to wait at least another week this year. I was looking forward to riding the Preston RR trail which had a lot of work done on it this past winter.

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